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BooksTime And Square


Donna has carved out a name for herself in the finance and small business markets, writing hundreds of business articles offering advice, insightful analysis, and groundbreaking coverage. Her areas of focus at include business loans, accounting, and retirement benefits. The system supports barcode scanning, and you can create price lists, which is a useful feature if you offer special pricing to certain customers. When you view a transaction, the audit trail shows you when it was created, if it was converted to or from another type of transaction, and if the transaction has been updated, sent, or paid. It notes the name of the user who made any edits, along with the date and time of those edits, and allows you to add comments to the transaction.

What is the difference between BooksTime and Zoho Invoice?

The equation you’ll need to remember is Zoho Invoice = Accounts Receivable while BooksTime = Accounts Receivable + Accounts Payable + more You can dial the Zoho Invoice support toll free and our support folks will switch you over in no time.

At a glance, you can see whether all billable hours have been billed; where you stand with your budget; and your profitability. retained earnings You can require approvals by the project manager or client and set a maximum number of loggable hours per day.

Connect BooksTime To Anything

In addition to more users and contacts, the Standard Plan of the normal balance accounting software will also allow you to create more automated workflows. With this version, you’ll be able to develop 10 automated workflows per module—meaning you’ll be able to create 10 workflows within the Invoices module, 10 within the Expenses module, 10 within the Taxes module, etc.

If you’re a new business owner and new to accounting,BooksTime is probably one of the best applications for you. If all of the above isn’t enough, you can access help and support from anywhere in BooksTime by clicking on the Help and Support icon. If this information isn’t enough, there’s also a FAQs page as well as additional product videos available to view any time. You can join the BooksTime user community to ask or answer questions, register for an upcoming webinar, and review the Welcome Guide. A Migration Guide is available if you’re moving to BooksTime from another application, and a Quick Navigation Guide will help you feel comfortable in the application at record speed.

recording transactions‘ numerous guidance tools are at least comparable with those offered by BooksTime, which has some of the best support options I’ve seen. But BooksTime does not have nearly the network of experts at its disposal that BooksTime and BooksTime have built up over the years. That said, its pool is respectable for a product that only came out in 2011. The next screen displays a setup guide that suggests actions you should take, along with educational videos and links to the appropriate pages. These include connecting with payment gateways; configuring user roles and permissions; setting up the approval flow; and adding custom fields. This is a great introductory screen that helps you build a foundation for your accounting data and activities. Empower your business with deep insights from your data, with our business intelligence and analytics app.

  • This software is not so easy to use especially for the beginners is that they cannot easily handle the advanced payments and in this why they faced a lot of problems about the payments acceptance and invoices recurring.
  • Then you’ll re-enter that same information in your BooksTime chart of accounts to ensure your business finances are accurate.
  • This is a great introductory screen that helps you build a foundation for your accounting data and activities.
  • BooksTime’ automation and online payment features meet this requirement.
  • Zoho also manages refunds and returns with credit notes and applies them to your customers; future sales, or issues refunds at the click of a button, it’s just that simple.

Zoho also manages refunds and returns with credit notes and applies them to your customers; future sales, or issues refunds at the click of a button, it’s just that simple. And recurring transactions, no problem another built-in feature that works exactly the way it should. Zoho lets you monitor and reconcile your bank accounts in real-time, or work with your accountant if they are providing CFO services for you. We’re also impressed with the beefy selection of supporting options that can be found via the website. There’s help documentation, FAQs, business guides and forums too, which all add extra weight to the overall support structure. In addition, items called Web Tabs add extra usability within the interface if you want to create and use them to access frequently called-upon features and functions. During our time using BooksTime we found the software-as-a-service solution excellent.

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Another bonus with BooksTime is the extensive list of available templates for creating everything from invoices through to customer statements and all points in-between. Sales orders, purchase orders, VAT and online payments are all in there too, making BooksTime fully featured by anyone’s standards. Adding additional value is a solid reporting area, the ability to automate your workflow and, finally, enjoy the convenience of having all your documents stored in one place. For that you get up to 50 contacts , 2 users and 5 automated workflows. BooksTime has, it explains, a pricing plan for everyone and the service has actually become a little cheaper than it used to be for each of the current packages. The items feature in BooksTime lets you track products, services, or both.

Invoice Payments – the payment portal allows clients to make partial, full, or bulk payments of multiple invoices with a simple click-n-pay process. That means it helps to speed up the ‘money-in’ process for your business. Zoho makes it easy to collect deposits and advance payments such as ‘retainers’ for professional services or ‘down payments’ on merchandise.

As an online application, BooksTime is accessible from any browser. It has automated features that can save you time, such as recurring invoices and automatic payment reminders, and client portals, which make it easy to follow up with your customers on quotes and payments. It’s also scalable, so you can continue using it as your business grows or even if you start a second business. A sole proprietor could use it without having advanced features get in the way, given its low cost and friendly user experience. However, those advanced features are what make it an excellent choice for a larger business, with the major caveat that payroll features are currently limited to businesses in California, New York, or Texas. The service offers several unique features not found in competitors, such as extensive custom fields, a dedicated inbox for expenses and other documents, and automated workflows. It’s easy to see its growing appeal to companies who have more advanced accounting needs than the sites reviewed here.

General reports are now more useful because of improved views and filters that support better customization. You can modify reports by date range and usually one or more additional views , but it’s the new advanced filters found in some reports that really let you pare down your data set to just the right result.

How Much Does BooksTime Cost?

You can add a logo and background image, select which fields to include, and edit field text. The templates allow you to choose a different display language, which is useful if you have international customers. Templates are also available for documents such as estimates, credit notes and payment receipts. This type of customization tends to benefit businesses; it’s always good for branding purposes to design your solutions to look the way you like. Another aspect of BooksTime that stood out to us is its client portal that your customers can use to discuss and accept or decline estimates, view and pay their invoices, and download account statements. If your work is project-based, you can share project details such as tasks and logged hours.

You can send customized statements to your clients and receive payment in multiple currencies. Zoho can let you review invoices before they ‘go out the door’, built-in, no 3rd-party-App needed like with other cloud software. That’s right, BooksTime gives you the ability to provide your customers/clients with access to their records right inside your accounting system. You start a business for the purpose of producing income, whether you sell or manufacture merchandise, or you provide services, you need a way to manage how you do business with your customers or clients. BooksTime gives you a wide variety of options that will fit almost any business situation when it comes to money-in. As with all cloud-based services you’ll need to create an account, pick a password and then work your way through the steps.


BooksTime might be an affordable cloud-based accountancy solution, but that doesn’t make it any less feature-laden. In fact, taking a tour of the package we found that it has a pretty formidable arsenal of tools and options.

Easily Access Live BooksTime Data From Bi, Analytics, Reporting, Etl, & Custom Apps

I switched from BooksTime to Bill4Time because I wanted a program that would keep track of time and expenses for hourly clients, track contingency fee clients, provide trust accounting, and generate invoices. BooksTime would be able to do all of those tasks with the exception of contingency fee tracking. There was no easy way in Zoho to keep track of projects that were not hourly, flat, or on a set budget. That said, the Zoho family of products are solid, so if you have need for an accounting product and you are familiar with accounting software, this product would be a great choice. BooksTime is a cloud-based accounting solution suitable for small to midsized organizations.

A mobile app for iOS and Android smartphones is available as well. At the end of the day, though, by researching and exploring these different platforms, you’re in the best position to determine which accounting solution will work for your business. Plus, if you want to experience BooksTime for yourself, you can take advantage of their 14-day free trial to get a greater sense of how this option may or may not meet your specific needs. Although Zoho does offer 1099 tracking and filing, they do not dive deeper into the larger area of payroll and taxes, both of which can be crucial parts of business accounting.


The time tracking function in BooksTime lets you create a project and then access the timesheet feature to track all of the time spent on that project. You can enter time manually, or start the timer to track your time automatically. The Purchases function offers a ton of features, including good vendor management and custom fields to track additional details. Payment terms and currency preferences can be assigned to vendors — a great option if you sell your products globally.


With the BooksTime Standard Plan, you’ll see a serious jump up from the Basic Plan when it comes to the number of active contacts you’ll be able to add to your system at any given time. That said, this Basic Plan could be a perfect fit for you if you’re managing the finances of a small-scale, lower-volume business that interacts financially with fewer than 50 contacts at any given time. If you’re a new business owner who needs a no-nonsense accounting system, then the BooksTime Basic Plan may be perfect for you.

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This product Hooks up easily to Zoho CRM. The product works almost fluidly with the CRM. it makes it easy to see each client payment and how much we have received each month. The information the books hold really helps for some financial reports. Books make it easy to bill clients and it keeps all the information in one place.

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