How exactly to Program a DirectTV Remote: helpful information for Universal or Genie Remotes

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How exactly to Program a DirectTV Remote: helpful information for Universal or Genie Remotes

How exactly to Program a DirectTV Remote: helpful information for Universal or Genie Remotes

By using a DirecTV universal remote or genie remote, you are able to plan that remote to also control products like TVs and speakers mainly because will be the most readily useful universal remote. You are helped by it save well on remotes, as well as the procedure is not that difficult in the event that you understand where you can get. We will walk you through the entire process of just how to plan DirecTV models that are remote link both the universal and Genie remotes to many other products.

Universal Remote

Note: DirecTV has been through plenty of remotes through the years, which means that your remote that is universal may appear to be any images we post. That’s fine! They continue to have the exact same buttons that are general settings, therefore when you may prefer to learn those lesser-used corners of one’s remote, the method should nevertheless work fine.

Step one: find the appropriate remote rule. Products have actually various remote codes used to plan and link brand new remotes. This code basically pairs the remote therefore the unit, such as a version that is old-fashioned of. Start with getting this rule to speed the method up considerably!

Luckily, DirecTV has made this procedure super easy. Start with heading up to this website. Into the form that is fill-out you will see choices to choose from Video/DVD, sound, Satellite/Set-Top, as well as VCR. Choose which many accurately defines these devices that you will be wanting to set, after which type in both the brand name and the model quantity.

Hit search, therefore the device should give you the many popular codes for your unit. Observe that that isn’t a method that is full-proof. The device can’t constantly guarantee a match, also it does not work nicely with more recent set top bins and products, which might never be suitable for DirecTV remotes. However for all of that, it is nevertheless the easiest way to take into consideration codes.

Step two: discover the Menu key in your universal remote. It will state MENU, clear and loud! Press it to start the Settings up & assist menu. Observe that this just works in case your remote has already been combined with your DirecTV satellite receiver, which should be attached to your TV so a picture can be got by you of the Settings. Observe that we are referring to your receiver menu right here, maybe not the menu from your own television or any other menus such as the DirecTV software variation.

Step three: into the Settings menu, try to find the symbol that claims Settings. At the least, this might be true of all receivers that are new. Then you will want to go to Parental Favs & Setup instead, and then choose System Setup if you have an older DirecTV DVR or SD receiver – uncommon, but not impossible. You wind up during the exact same spot either method for step.

Step four: choose handheld remote control through the brand new list. Then select Program Remote. This may provide you with a familiar list that is looking of groups. Pick the category that is same you decided to go with whenever finding your remote rule.

Action 5: you need to are in possession of some choices to seek out a code that is remote input one manually. You can choose to input the code manually since you(hopefully) found your code online.

Action 6: Now test thoroughly your remote by performing fundamental functions like changing the quantity. Then your pairing process worked if the device lights up with indicators that the volume, etc., really is changing! When your DirecTV remote is certainly not working, take to utilizing the next suggested code or looking up more info your device’s remote codes.

Genie Remote

The Genie is a far more contemporary DirecTV/AT&T DVR system with added smart features, a larger give attention to internet apps, and a remote that is rounded a unique unique group of abilities. Which means both very good news and news that is bad. The great news is the fact that it is possible to plan the remote to regulate an HDTV, an appropriate DirecTV television, or suitable sound products like noise pubs and surround noise systems. The bad news is the fact that the Genie remote will not work away from these unit groups, therefore it’s a tad bit more restricted compared to a remote that is universal. The great news is that, if you’re focused on just how to plan a DirecTV Genie remote, the procedure is nevertheless fairly simple.

Step one: ensure that the remote is in RF mode, that is the only method this will continue to work. Together with your DVR and TV on, point the remote at your DVR and hold straight straight straight down both the Mute and Enter buttons for an additional. The display screen should flash an email saying that it is IR/RF that is applying setup. When it performs this, you are able to proceed.

Step two: yet again, we are likely to suggest you appear your TV code up with the tool that DirecTV has furnished. Either the tv screen or sound heading must be your very first selection, based on exactly exactly exactly what unit you may be linking. Place in both your brand name and model quantity – they must be visible in your unit. It’s generally reliable as we mentioned above, this method may not work for more modern devices, but.

Step three: Press the Menu key on your own Genie remote, that will (since you may have guessed) start up the on-screen menu guide. Keep in mind that you positively must have your Genie DVR on and linked to your television with this action to the office. Additionally remember that if you’re wanting to hook up to an independent sound unit, it will additionally be attached to your television.

Step four: search for the Settings & assist menu, and enter it. Here select Settings, then pick handheld remote control.

Action 5: decide to “Program Remote” and choose the kind of unit you want to plan.

Action 6: now could be the time for you to either input the rule you entirely on DirecTV’s web web web site or enable the unit to imagine at just what rule it believes is going to work (the email address details are usually the exact exact same). You should be able to control things like volume with your remote, so test it out and make sure that volume really does go up and down reliably when you finish. Then you definitely’re done!

Note! There was a process that is different “DirecTV Ready” TVs and Genie remotes. Luckily it is quite easy. Turn every thing on, then press and contain the Mute and choose buttons regarding the remote. Hold them before you start to see the green light at the top the remote flash 2 times. Then, utilizing the quantity pad in the remote, key in the code that is right. If for example the DirecTV TV that is ready Samsung, kind 54000. You need to enter 54001 if it is Sony. When it is Toshiba, enter 54002 rather. That will do so!

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